For almost nearly one year without Asian tournaments, the first 2021 tournament was successfully held in Thailand last week. Team VICTOR star, the Indonesian pair Greysia Polii / Apriyani Rahayu had a fabulous performance in the women’s doubles final by defeating the Thai opponents at 21-15, 21-12. This is not only their first title in 2021, but their first super 1000 champion.

Thailand is definitely a happy ground for the Indonesian duo. Since 2017, Polii and Rahayu has won three titles of here. Polii even becomes the first-ever player for having four women doubles titles of Thailand Open with such an amazing record.

On the other hand, World No.1 Tai Tzu Ying had a well-done result as well. She ended up with the women’s singles runner-up for this tournament. However, the second place is still a great start for Tai’s new season.

Due to the COVID-19, BWF cancelled most of the tournaments last year. In this month, BWF rearranged three back-to-back tournaments for two super 1000 as well as 2020 BWF World Tour Finals in Thailand.


VICTOR’s first thick-soled badminton shoes P9300 was launched in 2017 and offered a comfortable wearing experience that widely loved by badminton players. Built on the original design concept, the evolved version of P9310 in 2020 is engineered with revolutionary technology and features an upgrade from inside to outside, providing more comfort and more power.

What you should know about the latest technology used in P9310:


1. A golden-ratio drop of 9mm

Thick soles deliver better shock-absorbing ability and comfortable wearing experience than thin soles, which provides better cushioning while landing, especially for players who make heavy footwork. However, the setting of the drop (the height difference of the sole from the back to the front) plays a crucial role in enabling thick-soled shoes to facilitate the smooth footwork in badminton. The smaller the drop is, the smoother the lateral movement can be achieved. Meanwhile, the weight of the shoes, the starting speed, and the stability should also be taken into account in the design. Based on the data collected from trying out and computing analysis, VICTOR has found that the drop of 9mm not only makes lateral movement smoother, but also facilitates badminton footwork.

2. The latest E-TPU material

E-TPU provides elastic and durable responsiveness for long-time pressing. The initial application of E-TPU was in the midsole of P9310, where E-TPU was used as the first layer (top layer) of the midsole. In the previous models, the forefoot is equipped with ENERGYMAX3.0. By contrast, P9310 is further upgraded with a full-sole E-TPU. The larger contacting area makes it more stable and comfortable to wear. The different materials used on the outside and inside of the forefeet provide elasticity on the inside and lateral stability on the outside.




3. Rebound force improved by 17%(*)

The large carbon fiber plate on the second layer of midsole is worth being highly anticipated. The carbon fiber plate was originally used in the mid-foot to support the arch and offer torsion resistance. After research and improvement, the carbon fiber plate in the mid-foot area has been extended to the place of forefoot phalanges, which not only provides torsion resistance to the mid-foot, but also increases the rebound force on forefoot by 17%, making the start after bending more powerful.

The R&D team of VICTOR has put a lot of effort in the midsole technology to equip P9310 with both elasticity and quick start. The thick sole of P9310 offers incredible shock-absorption, and it’s also within the weight range of the Support series (cm26.5:330±10g). The upper is made with large NO-SEW for soft and durable support. P9310 is definitely a badminton footwear that comes with comfort, power, and a wearing experience that you’ve never had before.


The latest thick-soled badminton shoes P9310 is available in two colors: H (Lunar gray) and O (Fluorescent orange).



(*): The rebound testing results are from the VICTOR Badminton Shoes Laboratory


New members coming in 2021! The three-time World Championships gold medalists as well as World No.2 Indonesian men’s doubles Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan officially join Team VICTOR, and will return to the restart of the international tournaments with brand new equipment.

Indonesian men’s doubles Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan join VICTOR

Ahsan/Setiawan, known as “the Daddies”, started their partnership since 2012. They perfectly complement each other combining aggressive backcourt attacks and varied net play strategies. The duos became World No.1 in the end of 2013, and have been active on the world stage since then.


In 2019, Ahsan/Setiawan made it to 11 major finals, including clinching the titles of All England Open, World Championships, and World Tour Finals. To be mentioned, they are the first ever men’s doubles to sweep above major titles in a single season. However, the 33-year-old and 36-year-old are still working hard and eager for more.


Despite numerous achievements, they mentioned that the only way to maintain competitiveness is to keep the passion for progress and victory. They have high anticipations of the cooperation with VICTOR to keep pursuing excellence. “Definitely happy and proud to be part of Team VICTOR!” said Ahsan, “I hope to be even better and win big titles with VICTOR.”


As Olympics gold medalists, Setiawan aimed high and stated firmly. “We hope we can give our best to VICTOR, and our goal is getting medals together in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.”


In the upcoming Thailand Open, Ahsan/Setiawan will take on VICTOR equipment for the first time. They are going to use VICTOR newest Speed Type racket AURASPEED 100X to further strengthen their power and advantages. ARS-100X will launch globally on January 15th.


VICTOR has invested resources to promote badminton and been committed to providing the equipment with best quality. By joining VICTOR, Ahsan/Setiawan are well-prepared to push further brand spirit “Ready To Win” with World No.1 Tai Tzu Ying, Danish ace Anders Antonsen, Malaysian star Lee Zii Jia, and more Team VICTOR elites.