FPX Online Banking

FPX is a convenient and secure online payment solution that allows real-time debiting of customer’s internet banking account of multiple banks. It also allows immediate and direct crediting into merchant’s account by banks.

Direct Bank Transfer

Bank transfers – also referred to as wire transfers – are simply the direct transfer of funds from one bank account into another. In the context of this guide, that means a transfer from your customer’s bank account into your business’ bank account.

Saved Payment Methods

For any payment gateway that supports saved methods, these methods can be managed from the account to set a default or delete saved methods. However, these gateways support enhanced saved methods, which have a few extra features. First, the items can use nicknames (such as u201cPersonalu201d or u201cBusinessu201d), making it easy for your customers to identify the item at checkout. The nickname can be added by clicking the u201ceditu201d action for the method.