The knitted footwear A922 has won wide popularity among consumers for its comfort and fit. To keep providing badminton players with the utmost comfort, VICTOR has never stopped its steps to innovate the materials and techniques, and the result of the effort is here—the high-performance All-Around footwear A930. The use of Jacquard EM not only makes the shoes softer and more comfortable than knitted material, but also improves the durability of the upper. Olympic Champion Indonesian women’s doubles Apriyani Rahayu, Malaysian mixed doubles Lai Pei Jing, Shevon Lai Jemie, and Goh Soon Huat are now putting on A930 to experience the upgraded fit and comfort.

Made with three layers, the Jacquard EM is softer and more durable than traditional knitted/mesh materials. The upper layer is soft and low stretchable MONO mesh that’s designed with unique patterns; the bottom layer is soft, light, and breathable mesh. The upper and bottom layers are joined perfectly by the PUR gluing technique on the middle layer to achieve great softness and breathability. The three-layered structure enables the Jacquard EM to deliver flexible durability, perfect fit, and incredible breathability.

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