On June 20, the 27th birthday of Tai Tzu Ying, VICTOR releases Tai’s first autograph racket “THRUSTER F CLAW LTD GB”, along with the first badminton player cards that features her major achievements, limited to 2,900 sets worldwide.

Packaged as a gift box, Tai Tzu Ying Autograph Racket (Limited Edition) consists of Tai’s first autograph racket, a thermos, a racket dust cover bag, and a set of limited player cards.

Tai Tzu Ying Autograph Racket (Limited Edition) is available worldwide in limited number

The design of the Tai Tzu Ying autograph racket is integrated with her image and spirit. The decalon the shaft is the same as the tattoo on Tai’s left wrist, which includes the words “相信自己” (BELIEVE IN YOURSELF) written by her father, along with her father’s zodiac sign snake. With the symbolic significance, the racket carries the support from her family with her at all times.

The shaft is printed with Tai’s signature and the tattoo motif of “相信自己” (BELIEVE IN YOURSELF)

“THRUSTER F CLAW LTD GB”features accurate attacks and is built with “FREE CORE,” the synthetic handle technology exclusively developed by VICTOR, to improve the elastic hitting and comfortable handling experience.

In addition to the autograph racket, VICTOR also launches the first badminton player card set specially designed for Tai Tzu Ying. Each set includes 4 cards that respectively display Tai’s records, including her world no.1 ranking weeks, her classic techniques, 31 consecutive wins, and the achievement of 400 career wins in singles. Fans will also have the chance to receive a limited Tai Tzu Ying-signed player card that’s randomly packed in. The signature player card comes in printed signature edition and hand-signed signature edition.

VICTOR launches the first badminton player card set

To honor the 29 championships Tai has won throughout her career, Tai Tzu Ying Autograph Racket (Limited Edition) is limited to 2,900 sets worldwide. For any purchase demands, please refers to your local distributor.

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