The knitted footwear A922 has won wide popularity among consumers for its comfort and fit. To keep providing badminton players with the utmost comfort, VICTOR has never stopped its steps to innovate the materials and techniques, and the result of the effort is here—the high-performance All-Around footwear A930. The use of Jacquard EM not only makes the shoes softer and more comfortable than knitted material, but also improves the durability of the upper. Olympic Champion Indonesian women’s doubles Apriyani Rahayu, Malaysian mixed doubles Lai Pei Jing, Shevon Lai Jemie, and Goh Soon Huat are now putting on A930 to experience the upgraded fit and comfort.

Made with three layers, the Jacquard EM is softer and more durable than traditional knitted/mesh materials. The upper layer is soft and low stretchable MONO mesh that’s designed with unique patterns; the bottom layer is soft, light, and breathable mesh. The upper and bottom layers are joined perfectly by the PUR gluing technique on the middle layer to achieve great softness and breathability. The three-layered structure enables the Jacquard EM to deliver flexible durability, perfect fit, and incredible breathability.


On June 20, the 27th birthday of Tai Tzu Ying, VICTOR releases Tai’s first autograph racket “THRUSTER F CLAW LTD GB”, along with the first badminton player cards that features her major achievements, limited to 2,900 sets worldwide.

Packaged as a gift box, Tai Tzu Ying Autograph Racket (Limited Edition) consists of Tai’s first autograph racket, a thermos, a racket dust cover bag, and a set of limited player cards.

Tai Tzu Ying Autograph Racket (Limited Edition) is available worldwide in limited number

The design of the Tai Tzu Ying autograph racket is integrated with her image and spirit. The decalon the shaft is the same as the tattoo on Tai’s left wrist, which includes the words “相信自己” (BELIEVE IN YOURSELF) written by her father, along with her father’s zodiac sign snake. With the symbolic significance, the racket carries the support from her family with her at all times.

The shaft is printed with Tai’s signature and the tattoo motif of “相信自己” (BELIEVE IN YOURSELF)

“THRUSTER F CLAW LTD GB”features accurate attacks and is built with “FREE CORE,” the synthetic handle technology exclusively developed by VICTOR, to improve the elastic hitting and comfortable handling experience.

In addition to the autograph racket, VICTOR also launches the first badminton player card set specially designed for Tai Tzu Ying. Each set includes 4 cards that respectively display Tai’s records, including her world no.1 ranking weeks, her classic techniques, 31 consecutive wins, and the achievement of 400 career wins in singles. Fans will also have the chance to receive a limited Tai Tzu Ying-signed player card that’s randomly packed in. The signature player card comes in printed signature edition and hand-signed signature edition.

VICTOR launches the first badminton player card set

To honor the 29 championships Tai has won throughout her career, Tai Tzu Ying Autograph Racket (Limited Edition) is limited to 2,900 sets worldwide. For any purchase demands, please refers to your local distributor.


The Badminton World Federation (BWF) announced today its Official Equipment Partners for BWF Major Championships 2022-2025. VICTOR has been awarded the rights for the BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals, as well as the BWF Sudirman Cup, to further contribute to the ultimate team championships of badminton in cooperation with BWF.

VICTOR will be the Official Equipment Partner of 2022/2024 Thomas and Uber Cup Finals and 2023/2025 Sudirman Cup.

“VICTOR is honored to be the Official Equipment Partner of the BWF Team Championships for 2022-2025. Sudirman Cup, Thomas Cup and Uber Cup are unique events where players fight for the team together. VICTOR is really excited and much looking forward to working with BWF and the players to provide the best team events to the fans around the world,” said Jeff Chen, Chairman of VICTOR.

The BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2022 and 2024 will be held respectively in Thailand and China, while the BWF Sudirman Cup will be held in 2023 and 2025 in India and China.

Thomas Lund, BWF Secretary General, also expressed his excitement about the partnership with VICTOR. “We are extremely excited to partner with VICTOR for our Team Championships for the next four years. We look forward to forging strong partnerships with VICTOR to help us showcase world-class badminton tournaments across the world,” said Lund.


One of the remarkable moments at the All England Open Championships 2021 was the men’s singles final between Malaysian ace Lee Zii Jia and the Danish defending champion Viktor Axelsen.


This cliffhanger lasted 74 minutes with three games, and the first game even competed until 30-29 while the Malaysian took the game.

Both players demonstrated high level badminton skills during the match. Lee Zii Jia took the final victory at 30-29, 22-20, 21-9, clinching his first All England Open title and the first Super 1000 series title in his career.

Lee not only defeated the reigning champion Viktor Axelsen but also won the match against the world no.1 Kento Momota in the quarterfinal. The Malaysian rising star has shown his upgraded powerful smash with perfect defensive footwork during this week. Lee became the first Malaysian winner at All England after Lee Chong Wei in 2017.


The difference of the diameters between strings is often less than 0.1mm; however, even the slightest difference can make a huge impact on the hitting performance. Strings are the first part of the racket to make contact with the shuttle. From the selection of rackets, the string tension, to the stringing method, every detail needs to be carefully taken care of especially for professional players. Let’s take a look at all the equipment used by Team VICTOR!

Well-known for her versatile and agile style of play, the world’s No. 1 player Tai Tzu Ying uses THRUSTER F CLAW with VBS-66N as her appointed racket and string. The elasticity and accurate controllability brought by VBS-66N are of great help for Tai Tzu Ying to make sublimeattack and deceptive shots.


Wang Tzu Wei, who made it to the semifinals of BWF World Tour Finals two years in a row, World Champion Hendra Setiawan, and Malaysian men’s singles Lee Zii Jia all choose VBS-66N as well. VICTOR names each string based on its diameter; for example, VBS-66N means the string has a diameter of 0.66mm.

On the other hand, World No.1 Tai Tzu Ying had a well-done result as well. She ended up with the women’s singles runner-up for this tournament. However, the second place is still a great start for Tai’s new season.

Due to the COVID-19, BWF cancelled most of the tournaments last year. In this month, BWF rearranged three back-to-back tournaments for two super 1000 as well as 2020 BWF World Tour Finals in Thailand.

Soh / Chia’s appointed string- VBS-68

Each string has its own merits. Among all, VBS-66N and VBS-63 are mostly chosen by VICTOR’s badminton stars. However, amateurs and beginnersusually take durability into consideration, the stable and highly durable VBS-70 is a perfect match for the needs. As your skills progress and level up, you can definitely feel the slight difference of hitting experience between various kinds of strings!


For almost nearly one year without Asian tournaments, the first 2021 tournament was successfully held in Thailand last week. Team VICTOR star, the Indonesian pair Greysia Polii / Apriyani Rahayu had a fabulous performance in the women’s doubles final by defeating the Thai opponents at 21-15, 21-12. This is not only their first title in 2021, but their first super 1000 champion.

Thailand is definitely a happy ground for the Indonesian duo. Since 2017, Polii and Rahayu has won three titles of here. Polii even becomes the first-ever player for having four women doubles titles of Thailand Open with such an amazing record.

On the other hand, World No.1 Tai Tzu Ying had a well-done result as well. She ended up with the women’s singles runner-up for this tournament. However, the second place is still a great start for Tai’s new season.

Due to the COVID-19, BWF cancelled most of the tournaments last year. In this month, BWF rearranged three back-to-back tournaments for two super 1000 as well as 2020 BWF World Tour Finals in Thailand.